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Virtual Tour Provider - Tour Hosting

Tour Hosting provides "do it yourself" 360 virtual tour solution for real estate agents.

Why choose "do it yourself" virtual tour solution?

Some people think that DIY virtual tours are low quality, and most DIY virtual tours are only a poor slideshow. Is this right? Well, most low-cost DIY virtual tour solution providers in the market are indeed offering this slideshow type virtual tours, but WE are quite different. With Tour Hosting, you will see the possibility of making a professional-looking interactive virtual tour with full 360 degree panoramic photos.

Virtual Tour Technology of Tour Hosting

As a professional virtual tour provider, Tour Hosting offers tour platform based on the technology of Tourweaver. Users only need to upload full 360 degree panoramic photos and still photos, together with other information about the real estate property. We apply the information and photos automatically into one of our real estate tour templates to complete a virtual tour. The virtual tour is similar with that published with Tourweaver software, which is also based on Flash virtual tour player of Easypano, featured with full screen display, pop-up windows, dynamic descriptive text, thumbnails and transition effects.

How to Make a full 360 degree panoramic photo?

To make a real estate virtual tour, we need high quality panoramic photos. DSLR cameras are resommended, but there is no special requirement on lenses. Use a tripod to make the shooting steady. When shooting a panoramic photo, turn your camera to take a series of photos to cover 360 degree. It is recommended to have 25%-40% overlapping between adjacent photos. View panoramic photography tips.

Open Instant Pano and import the photos. Click Stitch and your own panoramic photo is automatically completed.

How to make a virtual tour in Tour Hosting platform?

After preparation of panoramic photos, you can now make your own 360 degree virtual tour online. View Tutorial page for details.