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Upload Virtual Home Tour to Realtor.com

Why Upload My Virtual Home Tours to Realtor.com

Why to include a virtual home tour with your listings in Realtor.com? Better asked, why not? Nowadays, potential buyers don't even look at online listings if they don't include a virtual tour. Did you know that?

Virtual tours take you inside the home and show you a 360-degree view. With Tour Hosting platform, you can build interactive virtual tours with your own 360-degree photos and still photos. The virtual tours provide full screen display, enables viewers to drag the scene to view the ceiling, the floor, the walls and every corner of the home. What's more, you can add descriptive text to tell the story of each scene. View sample virtual home tours.

Uploading the Virtual Home Tour Link to Realtor.com

Realtor.com gives visitors the option of displaying only the listings with featured tours. Have you been wondering how to get the spinning red house on your listing for Realtor.com? With Tour Hosting platform you can create your own virtual home tour and upload your virtual tour link to Realtor.com. What's more, linking tour to a Showcase Listing is free. If you do not have a Showcase enhanced listing you will be charged one Realtor.com Posting License per upload, costing $25 each.

We only upload virtual tours that are hosted in Tour Hosting system. After you create a virtual tour online in Tour Hosting platform or upload a virtual tour created with Tourweaver, and publish it, you can find the Posting to Realtor.com link besides the tour ID in Tour History list. When uploading virtual tour link to Realtor.com, make sure the MLS information is correct and pay attention to the Showcase status of the listing. Also, keep your subscription of Tour Hosting service active, otherwise the virtual tours will become unaccessible after your account expires.