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Panoramic Photo Hosting

Panoramic photos usually get elongated fields of view, which are acquired with specialized equipment and software.

How to get panoramic photos?

Equipment: To get panoramic photos, you can use wide-angle lens attached to your camera or fisheye lens to get photos with elongated field of view.

Software: Panoweaver 6.00 Professional Edition. The Professional edition can stitch both fisheye photos and normal photos to a full 360 degree panoramic photo. See following:

 spherical panoramic photo stitched from fisheye photos

cylindrical panoramic photo stitched from normal digital photos

Solution from Tour Hosting: Offering free photo stitching software Instant Pano, which can stitch photos into a special format for use in Tour Hosting system.

Host panoramic photos in Tour Hosting online virtual tour system

Panoramic photos can be uploaded directly to Tour Hosting system to form a virtual tour online.

Types of panoramic photos supported:

  • Spherical panoramic photos in 360*180 degree;
  • Cylindrical panoramic photos in 360*less than 180 degree vertically;
  • Cylindrical panoramic photos stitched with Instant Pano.

After uploading the panoramic photos, choose a template and create a panoramic virtual tour online instantly. View following sample tour: