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Host Panoramic Photo

Host your panoramic photos to create an interactive virtual tour online with tour hosting platform!

Tour Hosting platform is based on the virtual tour technology of Tourweaver - the leading virtual tour software on the market. With Tour Hosting system, you can host your 360 degree panoramic photos and make an interactive virtual tour using our template easily and fast.

We have various templates for making virtual tours with your panoramic photos. Different from other panoramic photo hosting sites, our templates are designed for virtual tour, which is composed of panoramic photos, still photos, thumbnails, your contact information, company logo and etc.

The panoramic photos supported by our system include spherical and cylindrical types, and the panoramic photo should reach 360 degree field of view on the horizontal aspect.  View following panoramic photos:

  • Spherical panorama, which reaches 360 degree in horizontal aspect and 180 degree in vertical aspect:
    panoramic photo  host panoramic photo

  • Cylindrical panorama, which covers 360 degree in horizontal aspect and less than 180 degree in vertical aspect.
    360 degree cylindrical panorama

How to host my panoramic photos?

Simply login User Panel and select Create a Tour Online. Follow the three steps, you can upload your panoramic photos and host them in Tour Hosting system. After publishing your tours, you can share the virtual tour link and also download the whole virtual tour. Here is a sample tour created using the real estate virtual tour template: