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Free Photo Stitching Software

Stitching your photos to panoramas

Tour Hosting offers a platform for creating virtual tour online with full 360 degree photos. To get 360 degree photos, you will need photo stitching software to connect your overlapped images. There is no need to use professional equipment like wide-angled lens or fisheye lens. You can just use your digital camera to take normal pictures, and make sure there are at least 25% overlapping between adjacent pictures.

Tour Hosting offers free photo stitching software Instant Pano for stitching panoramic photos which can be used in Tour Hosting online platform. Instant Pano allows you to make a full 360 degrees picture from your normal digital shots. The following is a group of pictures taken with Canon PowerShot A610:

stitch pictures to panorama with free photo stitching software

Open Instant Pano and import these pictures. Click "Stitch" button and wait for the software to complete the panoramic photo automatically. A panoramic picture in 360 degrees is stitched perfectly:

stitch pictures to 360 degrees panorama with free photo stitching software

The panoramic picture can be saved in a special format, which is compatible with Tour Hosting platform to make a virtual tour online.

Upload the panoramic photo stitched with Instant pano to Tour Hosting platform

Login User Panel and choose Create a Tour Online. In the first step, enter necessary information about the virtual tour. Then in step 2, select image type as "Panorama by Instant Pano" and upload the above panoramic picture. In step 3, choose a template for the tour, and publish to finish the tour.