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Free Panorama Software

There are many photo stitching programs for creating panoramas. All these panorama stitching programs vary greatly in their usability and quality of finished image. Here we introduce an easy-to-use and free one.

Instant Pano is free panorama software for stitching 360-degree panoramic photos. It is recommended for its simple and automatic process of stitching, and accurate results.

It is designed for stitching normal digital photos, not distorted fisheye photos. So if you only have compact digital camera and no professional lens, you can also take a series of digital photos and stitch with Instant Pano to get a panoramic picture.

Photo supported by panorama software Instant Pano

Accepted photos: Normal digital photo without distorture. See below:

Requirement for taking right photos

Before taking the photos, calculate the rotation degree of your camera. This is to ensure that the adjacent photos have enough overlapping, and the photos can cover 360 degree field of view. You can use the calculator in Instant Pano to calculate. 360/the minimum number of shots, for example, if the minimum number of shots after calculation is 12, then the rotation degree should be 30). The above sample photos are taken with Nikon D200 and 17-55mm lens, and 12 photos are enough for making a 360 degree panoramic photo.

Stitch panoramic photo with Instant pano

After importing the above digital photos in Instant Pano, click stitch to complete the stitching automatically. View following panoramic photo:


Then save the panoramic photo for future use in Tour Hosting site. The panoramic photo saved is in a special format and can be uploaded to Tour Hosting platform to create a panoramic virtual tour online.