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Flash virtual tour

Flash virtual tour is based on the cross platform Adobe Flash Player to play 360 degree panoramic photos and still photos.

A virtual tour is usually composed of following parts: panoramic and still scenes, virtual tour template, thumbnails, external links, text description and etc. How to make a Flash virtual tour with your own panoramic and still pictures? There are two solutions, one is to create a virtual tour online and the other is to use professional virtual tour software to create a fully customized virtual tour.

Create Flash virtual tour online

Login Tour Hosting user panel to create a Flash virtual tour online. You only need to upload the photos and enter necessary description for the virtual tour and each scene. Then you can select a template from the list to finish the tour. Subscription to Tour Hosting service costs only $29.95,  and you can create many virtual tours. Active subscribers can publish the virtual tour to host in Tour Hosting server and the published virtual tour are featured with popup windows, thumbnails, Email to, company logo and dynamic description.

Create virtual tour using Virtual Tour Software

Professional virtual tour software enables you to make virtual tours with more stunning features like Flash, video, map, hotspot, radar and etc. With the latest Flash virtual tour program Tourweaver 5.00, you can create virtual tours with fully customized virtual tour template and many multimedia components.

Virtual tour software demo tour

How to use Tourweaver to make virtual tours? View video tutorial. Flash virtual tours created with Tourweaver can be hosted in Tour Hosting. Subscribers can simply login user panel and upload zipped Flash virtual tour to host.