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Flash Virtual Tour Hosting

What is Flash virtual tour?

Flash virtual tour is based on the cross platform Adobe Flash Player to play 360 degree panoramic photos and still photos, supporting multimedia components like Flash, video, sound, hotspots, popup windows and various other effects. Almost every PC has installed Adobe Flash player, so Flash is the most popular type for virtual tours.

You can either create Flash virtual tour online in Tour Hosting platform or create virtual tour with professional virtual tour software Tourweaver.

How to create Flash virtual tours online and host my Flash virtual tours?

To create Flash virtual tours online, you can use 360 panoramas and still photos. Simply upload the panoramic photos and choose a template to publish the tour. We now only offer virtual tour template for real estate type virtual tours. The templates have the following features:

  • Thumbnails for uploaded images
  • Popup windows to show description for virtual tour scenes
  • Personal photos and contact information
  • Company information and logo
  • Navigation toolbar

Click to view the structure of one of them:

Host my Flash virtual tour created with Tourweaver

If you create Flash virtual tours using Tourweaver, you can use the following features in the virtual tour:

360 virtual tour hosting
  • Flash components
  • Popup windows
  • Hotspots, radars, maps
  • Customized walkthrough and virtual tour skin
  • Background music
  • Customized actions on virtual tour components.

Compress the whole Flash virtual tour created with Tourweaver, and login User Panel to upload and host in Tour Hosting system.