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Embed virtual tour in website

How to embed virtual tour to my own website?

There are two ways to embed published virtual tours in your own website.

Host virtual tours in Tour Hosting server

If you choose to host virtual tours in our server, then you only need to find the embedding codes for the virtual tour in the published virtual tour list in Tour History.

For example, in my published virtual tour list, there is a tour with ID number 445. Click to view the embedding code for this tour:

<iframe src='http://cp.easypano.com/hosting/445/tourweaver_445.html' width='525' height='400' frameborder='0' border='0'></iframe>

Copy the above code and paste in this page, and then the virtual tour is successfully embeded. View following:

Host virtual tours in your own web server

If you want to host the virtual tour yourself, then go to Tour History and find button to download the virtual tour to save in your local drive. Upload the virtual tour folder to your server and use similar embedding codes like above:

<iframe src='absolute URL for the virtual tour in your own server' width='525' height='400' frameborder='0' border='0'></iframe>

You only need to change the URL location to the new one.