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Virtual Home Tour Hosting - Customer Agreement

This Customer Agreement ("Agreement") is a legally binding agreement between Easypano ("Easypano" or the "Company") and the customer (Single Agent) purchasing any service from Easypano ("Services"), as reflected in the order form(s) ("Order Form") submitted by the customer (Single Agent) ("Customer" or "You"). The Customer’s Order Form(s) and Easypano’s Privacy Policy and Refund Policy are fully incorporated herein by reference and become part of this binding Agreement. This Agreement details the terms and conditions for the purchase of any Services from Easypano. You should read this Agreement carefully as the terms and conditions of this Agreement must be accepted prior to the activation of any Easypano Services.

Virtual Tour Components

You are allowed to customize the following information in the virtual tour:
Tour Name; Tour Detail; Number of bedrooms; Number of bathrooms; Square feet; Year Built; School; MLS#; Address of the property; Price of the property; Exterior Photo of the property; Agent Photo; Agent contact information (including Email and company name) and Company logo.

You are allowed to make tours with unlimited still images and panoramas.

Virtual Tour Images

You are allowed to use the following types of images:
Panorama by Instant Pano (*.jpe format panorama stitched by Instant Pano);
Spherical panorama (covering 360*180 degree);
Cylindrical panorama (covering 360 degree horizontally);
Flat Image (normal image with no distortion);
Image size should not exceed the maximum allowed size of 1024K.

Virtual Tour Templates

You may choose from the virtual tour templates offered in Tour Hosting Platform which consists of: Property Details; Agent Profile; URL & Code (URL and the embedding code of the virtual tour); Email to Agent (send email to the listing agent); Email to Friend (send the virtual tour link to friends); Download (download the virtual tour to local)

Preview is available before publishing the tour. Once a tour is published, You are not allowed to upload additional tour images or changing templates.

Single Agent Limitation

All the subscription prices advertised in Tour Hosting websites are applied for single real estate agent only. You are not allowed to transfer Your user panel account to others.

User Panel Registration

You will be automatically registered to User Panel when You successfully order Easypano products. An Email with Your login Email and password will be sent to You once we receive Your order.
If You choose to register a free account in User Panel and order a Tour Hosting subscription (using the same email address) later, Your Tour Hosting orders will be displayed in your User Panel account.

Fees & Payment

If You have selected monthly payment subscription, payment will be made on a monthly billing cycle. Thereafter, You shall automatically be billed monthly on the anniversary date of Your purchase order, unless Notice of Termination and/or Non-Renewal of the Services is delivered as specified in this Agreement.

If You have selected any Services with payment on an annual/semiyearly basis, You shall be billed after the one/half a year anniversary date of Your purchase order, unless Notice of Termination and/or Non-Renewal of the Services is delivered as specified in this Agreement. Please refer to the terms of payment specified in the Order Form(s) You have selected. 

A grace period of 30 days is allowed for Your renewal payment. If we do not receive Your payment by the billing due date and/or if credit card charges are denied, Your account will be placed under immediate suspension. During grace period, You are not allowed to publish tours; however, Your existing tours are still active.
To reinstate Your account You will be required to login to Your account and click the renewal link in Your account to make renewal payment. Such suspension or termination does not change Your billing anniversary date and does not relieve You of Your obligation to pay all fees and charges due.

If You choose to pay by credit card, You authorize Avangate (Avangate is contracted with Easypano to manage online sales of Easypano) to charge Your credit card or debit card to pay for any and all charges accrued by You on Your account for the Services. You are required to immediately notify Easypano (or Avangate) of any changes to Your card account, including billing address, account number, expiration date of account, or any other information that may prohibit Avangate from charging Your account.

Refund Policy

Monthly subscription service is NOT refundable.
For annual/semiyearly subscription service, partial refund is provided. Written refund request should be provided. We will issue refund within five days after receiving your request. Partial refund is calculated according to the following formula:
Partial refunds = annual/semiyearly subscription service charge – monthly subscription service charge * number of months You have subscribed. If the value is negative, no refund will be issued.

For Example, You order annual subscription service ($314.95) on Feb 6th, and request partial refund on May 4th, then partial refund value = $314.95 – 4 months (from Feb 6th to June 6th)* $29.95 = $195.15. We may return the amount of $195.15 before May 8th to You, and terminate Your account on June 6th.

If you request partial refund on May 1st, then the total months of your subscription will be 3 months and the partial refund in this case will be $225.1, and the account termination date will be May 6th.


The terms of Easypano’s privacy policy with regard to the information-gathering and dissemination practices for this website are contained in the Privacy Policy, as amended, modified or updated periodically, which policy can be viewed on this site and is fully incorporated herein by reference. Customer acknowledges that Customer has fully read, understood and agrees to the terms and conditions of the Privacy Policy and further agrees that the Privacy Policy is fully incorporated herein by reference and becomes part of this Agreement.

Easypano reserves all rights to update these Terms and Conditions at any time.