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360 Panorama Hosting

What types of 360 degree panorama can be hosted in Tour Hosting site?

360 panoramas are images that cover 360 degree field of view. In Tour Hosting user panel, you can upload your 360 degree panoramas and create an online virtual tour to host in our server.

Panoramas that you can host in Tour Hosting site include the following types:

  • Spherical panorama, which reaches 360 degree in horizontal aspect and 180 degree in vertical aspect:
    360 degree spherical panorama  360 degree spherical panorama

  • Cylindrical panorama, which covers 360 degree in horizontal aspect and less than 180 degree in vertical aspect.
    360 degree cylindrical panorama

  • Panorama stitched with Instant Pano, which should reach 360 degree in horizontal aspect. The panoramic photos stitched with Instant Pano are in the format of *.jpe, which is only supported by Tour Hosting system to create virtual tours online.

All the above types of 360 degree panoramas can be uploaded to Tour Hosting platform to create a virtual tour online.

How to host 360 panorama in Tour Hosting site?

You can upload single or multiple panoramas to create a virtual tour using our default templates. Currently there are only templates for real estate virtual tours, we will soon offer more template types. For each panorama, you can use text description, which will be shown in the virtual tour. View a virtual tour created online in the gallery.